Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brighter Than Sunshine

The music pumped vivaciously, pulsating through my veins. Reaching every fragment of my body. Isn’t that the best feeling? When you just close your eyes, and without you even realising it, your whole body is moving to the rhythm of the beat. Your heart, your soul, sparked up like an electric shock. Your mind, filled with contentment. There I was, experiencing the music and the happiness. There he was, being the music and the happiness. When I opened my eyes and saw him – my heart stopped. He took my breath away. He was like a revolver. Shooting bullets of color and vivacity through the grey room. I had never seen someone enjoy each exact moment with such passion. Just looking at him, he made me feel alive.

The night I met him, I was so lost. Lost in my heart, lost in my life. So I lost myself in the music. But he found me. He found me. He brought me back to where I really belong. He brought my soul back to life. Now he is the music that I get lost in. He is the one who consumes my body, allowing my heart and my soul to feel the contentment with my eyes closed tightly. He is the one that pumps vivaciously through my body.

He came like a comet out of space, bursting and impacting my whole entire world, lighting it up brighter than the sun ever could.

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