Monday, March 7, 2011

Waiting In Limbo.

I’m not too sure how this happened to us. Everything was so perfect. We were perfect. You were perfect. Literally, in the in the turn of a minute, we came crumbling down.

I had never seen a love like ours in real life. It was the kind of love you only saw in the movies: the one that you really believed did not actually exist, but was just written in scripts and made up to sell motion pictures. The kind of love that changes your life: changes you. Both of us could not work out what we had done to be so lucky. So lucky to have found that one person who completes you. That one person who makes you a better person. That one person who is you. You are them. Both as one. It is the best feeling in the world, to be so sure of someone. To look into their eyes, and literally see your future. And God, when I looked into his striking blue eyes, so filled with passion, I could see through my own soul. That is how deeply we were connected. On our own, we were ordinary. But together, we were invincible. Perfect. Incredible. There were never fake smiles to show off to the world that faded into bitter silences behind closed doors. No. With us – what you saw is what you got. We shared a love so strong, it felt like we could conquer wars through it.

But what happens when one struggle triggers something in both people that brings out their worst? Seeing sides of each other that become the main source of one another’s pain. How does one moment turn the most beautiful unconquerable bond into the most bittersweet situation? Nobody said love was easy. But when you have had a taste of perfection, the hard times are exaggerated in your mind. The pain is more striking on your heart. The sadness is more tragic. It tears me apart to wonder if we will ever get back to that euphoric bond we shared, or is this whole situation a white wall tainted with a red streak of paint? People say love is worth fighting for. But is it not better to end the ordeal before all that remains are bad memories of pain and bitterness? To leave before everything good about the relationship goes up in smoke. I am not sure which is the right path to go: to leave remembering the man who was so perfect, or to stay and fight for a love that may be too tainted to repair. All I know is that my world is torn apart right now, and I am waiting in Limbo. I am waiting for a sign. I am waiting for love. I am heartbroken waiting in Limbo, but I am waiting for you.


  1. awesome...loved the flow.... thanx for the comment on mine.
    following you...but will be active in blogger again after 20th. hope to read you after that :)

    keep writing, keep blogging

  2. thanks for the comment, really like your style aswell. hope to read a new post soon :)

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